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Silk, linen, wool, cashmere… these swanky fibers will return the favor if you give them a little pampering. Praised for its fantastic ability to oust most tenacious stains – those left by wine, tea, blood, and even ink – Wet Cleaning is also considered to be the most environmentally-safe and gentle to the finest of fabrics.

Did you know that many – if not most – of the "dry clean only" garments can be wet cleaned as well?*
Professional wet cleaning process is not the same as washing your clothes at home. Although it also calls for water, the similarity ends there. First, the specialized washing machine controls exact water levels and temperature, based on the weight and type of fabrics put in. Our eco-friendly detergents, cleaning boosters, softeners and conditioners are formulated for specific fibers or stains. As the cycle begins, the computer creates the right "cocktail" and injects it into the drum. With numerous programmable settings, we can ensure that your delicate garments are gently bathed, sometimes with the washer drum turning as slowly as once every few minutes (in contrast, a typical home machine may tumble garments several dozen times per minute). This may also help you understand why wet cleaning typically takes longer. Finally, once the washing cycle is complete, your clothes are "dried to perfection"… with 10%, 15% or any desired level of moisture still retained to keep garments' integrity, restore fabric's body and softness.

Wet cleaning service – as a safer, more eco-friendly and often more efficient alternative to dry cleaning – is a natural part of the OZO2 Eco Cleaning System. Enjoy cleaner, brighter, softer and longer lasting garments, and rest assured – they will enjoy the process too…

*Please note, wet cleaning service requires signed release stating that you are aware of the potential risks associated with the process.

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Wet cleaning is ideal for:








Fine blends




Best for removing stains:

Red wine







Not recommended for:

Knit woolen items

Pleated garments

Silk/Rayon velvets


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