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Let us do your laundry! Only $2.99/pound.

The washing machine – once an object of envy, now a standard appliance – is fast becoming a nuisance… The truth is, for most of us doing laundry is a time-consuming chore. Regardless of all advanced features your washing machine boasts, you realize that the stuff in your laundry basket still needs to be…

  • sorted by colors and fabrics,
  • loaded by label instructions,
  • removed from the washer (and preferably on time),
  • carefully dried,
  • folded in neat piles,
  • …and finally returned to the closet.

Unless you really love it, you should to stop doing your laundry and let OZO2 do it for you.

It's a luxury you don't have to deny yourself, because with our Laundry Basket Service, the pricing is based on the weight of your clothes.

At OZO2 we'll professionally launder your clothes, towels, bed sheets, small rugs and such, using powerful, yet environmentally-safe detergents. Brighteners and color replenishers will make your casual wear look vibrant again. Have your items deodorized and disinfected with our Ozone laundry system Just don't forget to check the appropriate box in the Preferences when you fill out the Create an account information.

Bottom line, for less than $3 a pound we'll pick up your Laundry and return your items to you neatly folded, fresh and ready to go back onto the shelves.

Please keep in mind, our Laundry Basket service (Wash/Dry/Fold) is a volume service. We have 10 lbs minimum policy. If we receive an order that weighs less, minimum charge of $29.90 will be applied. If an item needs special attention, such as pre-treating of a heavily soiled area or basic repair, please send it in for our Eco Cleaning. Laundry Basket service does not include ironing or putting clothes on hangers. We are the only cleaners in West Palm Beach (and in the entire state of Florida) to use Ozone laundry system. Try it!

Have a question? Need to consult our professional cleaners about a specific item in your wardrobe?

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OZO2 Eco Dry Cleaners offers Free Pick-up and Delivery in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Wellington, Palm Beach Island, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton.