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We’ve experienced it ourselves...

Trying to find quality dry cleaners in the local marketplace was quite a challenge. We thought there must be a better – and greener – alternative to harsh smells and poor service. So, as we conceived OZO2 Eco Dry Cleaners, we committed to elevating our customers' experience to a whole new level. Why can’t you go to cleaners and find yourself in a pleasant, fresh, and inviting setting? Just like a hair salon, or a spa? Yes we said, Spa for the clothes! and that was our “aha moment.”

OZO2 Eco Dry Cleaners was founded by Jurate Nume and Irina Rothenberg. We wanted to build a business that would make a difference in a pretty stagnant industry. Having been involved in business development, marketing, and fashion helped us "think outside the box”, and build a completely new concept. James Murphy joined our team and brought extensive knowledge of the industry plus 30 years worth of dry cleaning know-how.

We opened our doors in December 2012, and now have three customer care locations in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, as well as offer free pick-up and delivery service throughout Palm Beach County. We are excited to have a team that truly cares as much as we do about the quality of our work, our customers’ satisfaction and the environment we live in.