We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Customer Portal! Now you have a convenience of creating your own account where you can easily schedule pick-ups, manage and update your information, and stay updated on your order status.

If you have previously used our website to schedule pick-ups, we kindly request you to create a new account to seamlessly connect with your existing account.

Thank You for choosing our services, and we look forward to servicing you better through our Customer Portal.


It's FREE. It's convenient. No surcharges. No minimums.

Let us do the driving for you! With OZO2, you can have your clothes picked up, cleaned with safe, eco-friendly agents, and delivered back to your door.

Once you Create an Account with us, you may use our service every week or occasionally, on an On-Call basis. Typical turn-around time is three days for clothing and 7 days for bedlinens and household items.

For your convenience, we visit homes as well as work places, and we make our service available to you throughout the entire Palm Beach County. Once your account is set up, we will contact you to let you know which days of the week our drivers visit your area.

If you plan on using the service regularly, select the appropriate option when completing your registration and our highly trained and super-friendly drivers will come to your door on a weekly basis. Just place your Valet Bag in a designated spot. Don’t worry if you skip a week and do not send anything in for cleaning, we will come back a week later to check if you have anything for us to pick-up. However, if we do not receive any orders from you in a month, your account will be changed to an On-Call status and you will be able to schedule your pick-ups as needed. See below.

Prefer to use dry cleaning service occasionally? Please call us at 561.290.0719 to schedule a pick-up, or log into your account. When requesting a pick-up, make sure it falls on one of the days we are in your area, and please schedule your pick-up a day in advance to ensure reliable service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know my pick-up and delivery days?

A: Once your account is set up, we will contact you by phone and email to let you know which days of the week we visit your area.

Q: What bag do I use to put in clothes I am sending for cleaning?

A: Your first order may be placed in a plastic garbage bag or shopping bag. When we return your clean clothes to you, you will receive your personalized OZO2 Valet Bag, which you should use going forward.

Q: How do you know those are my clothes?

A: Your valet bag has your name tag. When we receive an order, we look up the account by customer’s name and then make a record of all the items we received. Your pieces must always be accompanied by the name on the account. If your do not have a valet bag, or it’s missing a name tag, print and fill out the order form, and place it in the bag with your clothes.

Q: Do you do alterations on delivery orders?

A: Yes, we have a full-service tailoring studio. For simple repairs, hem adjustments, letting out waist, etc. please enclose a note and tell us what you wish done. Allow extra time for alterations. Usually items which need to be repaired will be delivered to you the following delivery day. However, in rare cases (e.g., when a zipper needs to be replaced) it may be necessary to order specific supplies, which may delay the completion of your order.

Q: How do I let you know I have a special request?

A: Please place a note in your bag with your special requests. You may also print our order form.

Q: How do I let you know there is a stain on my item?

A: We inspect all pieces carefully for stains, rips, weak spots. If a stain is hard to see, please include a note with your order.

Q: What if there is a tear on a piece I sent you?

A: If we find that an item we received has any damage we may call or email you to inform you that it needs to be repaired prior to cleaning. If we do not get hold of you we may have to send the item back uncleaned. In the event the damage is small, it is our policy to make a decision about repairs and charge you a nominal fee if such repairs are performed. If you need to authorize all repairs please let us know at sign-up or call 561.290.0719

Q: How do I pay for my orders?

A: We charge our service fees to your credit card which is saved and encrypted on your account. Pick-up and delivery service is complimentary.

Have more questions?

For billing inquiries or general information: 561.293.2586

For questions pertaining to your order processing: 561.290.0719

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