OZO2 offers quality services, sensibly priced.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to keep our prices reasonable. We know that "reasonable" means different things to different people, so we decided to give you a few examples. See for yourself. We hope you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Eco Laundry*:

Standard men's office shirts* on hanger - $3.12

Standard men's office shirts* folded - $4.12

Hand-pressed shirts - $6.57

Eco Dry Cleaning*:

Pants - $7.21

Suits - $17.40

Dresses - $14.76

Blouse - $6.99

We truly strive to give you the best value in quality eco-friendly cleaning.
Return the hangers with your next order and help us keep costs down.

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*Slim-cut men's shirts and Women's cotton shirts that do not fit on the automatic shirt pressing machine must be pressed by hand and priced accordingly. With certain garments additional charges will apply if special care processing is necessary, i.e. when working with high-fashion brands, lace, suede, or leather trim, ruffles, delicate silk, chiffon, or linen garments. Prices may be subject to change without notice due to the cost of supplies or other factors.