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Joy Diffuser by Archipelago / Limited Edition

Decorate and fill the room with the joyful blend of orange and crushed cinnamon & spice! Poured in a elegantly gold fleck glass that comes boxed with red diffuser reeds to match.

  • Place your diffusers out in the room a day or more before your guests arrive. The complex fragrance oils and/or essential oils saturate the reeds or delivery system, and deliver continuous fragrance to the room.
  • If you are the type that likes more fragrance in the room, discreetly place more than one diffuser in the room, or CAREFULLY remove and reverse the direction of the reeds. However, be careful – if you drip or fling that oil onto a finished surface, it could cause damage; best to do that (carefully) over a sink or some other place away from the table or piano.
  • Look for fragrances that suit you, the room and the time of day. Some fragrances and essential oils can easily overpower a small room, while others are much more subtle. Citrus and floral fragrances are good for open, airy and large rooms, and typically take less reeds to create the desired effect; so don’t be afraid to remove a reed or two if you find that to be the case. Wood notes and resins on the other hand are amazing, but often require more reeds or diffusers dispersed through the room to create the ambiance that you are looking for.
  • Refill and replenish the fragrance oil levels when the bottle becomes half empty. Replace reed sticks every six months.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match fragrances to match your personal style.
  • Use a fragrance diffusers on a side table or in a book shelf to give height near photo frames, books and other items. Like a flower vase, the varying heights can add interest to the space.
  • Unlike a candle, look for areas where subtle drafts can carry the fragrance and waft it across the room. A ceiling fan or an open window often provide the perfect opportunities to propel the fragrance to the far corners of the room.

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