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Eco Dry Cleaning

Our process brings less stress and superior cleaning to fabrics. It's safe, non-toxic and provides thorough yet gentle cleaning. Learn more…

wet cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Silk, linen, wool, cashmere…Give these swanky fibers a little pampering with Wet Cleaning. This special method is ruthless to stains. Learn more…

laundry wash and fold

Wash & Fold

Stop doing your laundry and let us do it for you. We'll launder your casual clothes, towels, socks, fold them, and deliver to your door*. Learn more...

linens washing and pressing, comforters, duvets

Linens, Rugs and more

It's a great feeling to get into bed and onto hand-pressed sheets. That's must be why our deLuxe linen service is so popular. Learn more…

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Wedding Dresses

Our dedicated bridal garments care specialists are there for you! Cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress is a big decision. Learn more...

shoes repairs, leather, suede cleaning

Leather, Suede, Shoes

You can be absolutely confident that our leather specialist will concsientiously clean and condition your suede or leather garments. Learn more...

alterations and tailoring


Our expert tailoring and alterations specialists have more than sixty years of combined experience in working with fine garments. Learn more…

business shirts

Business Shirts

When you entrust your shirts to OZO2, you can be sure they will be returned to you clean, fresh, with the perfect amount of starch. Learn more…

corporate account for dry cleaning

Corporate Accounts

OZO2’s friendly drivers will visit your company twice a week and collect orders from your employees. A great perk for your team! Learn more…

Eco Dry Cleaning

What's different about our dry cleaning method?

For decades dry cleaners have been relying on Perchloroethylen (Perc) to offer their clients professional cleaning results. While Perc known to be human carcinogen, 80-90% of the cleaners are still using it. They're reluctant to switch to "green" technologies, because those often prove to be costly and simply may not have the same stain removing power.

Enter EcoSolv®

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • No "dry clean" chemical color
  • Highly effective
  • Gentle to fabrics
  • No color fading or shrinking
  • No increased cost

The combination of these fantastic properties has established EcoSolv® as the solvent of choice for many progressive dry cleaners. Designed to bring less stress and superior cleaning to fabrics, EcoSolv® easily penetrates fibers to provide a thorough yet gentle cleaning. It safely removes more types of soils than any other alternative dry cleaning solution. The result – your garments come back fresh and clean, with no sharp chemical odor. Colors won't fade and whites won't gray, even after repeated cleaning. And, because EcoSolv® won't damage fibers like conventional dry cleaning, everything feels better too: fabrics are smooth and supple; sweaters feel soft and cozy again. Your clothes look newer, longer.

Wet Cleaning

Silk, linen, wool, cashmere… these swanky fibers will return the favor if you give them a little pampering. Praised for its fantastic ability to oust most tenacious stains and odors – wine, tea, blood, body odors, and even ink – Wet Cleaning is also considered to be the most environmentally-safe cleaning method.

Professional wet cleaning process is not the same as washing your clothes at home. Although it also calls for water, the similarity ends there. First, the specialized washing machine controls exact water levels and temperature, based on the weight and type of fabrics put in. Our eco-friendly detergents, cleaning boosters, softeners and conditioners are formulated for specific fibers or stains. As the cycle begins, the computer creates the right "cocktail" and injects it into the drum. With numerous programmable settings, we can ensure that your delicate garments are gently bathed, sometimes with the washer drum turning as slowly as once every few minutes (in contrast, a typical home machine may tumble garments several dozen times per minute). This may also help you understand why wet cleaning typically takes longer. Finally, once the washing cycle is complete, your clothes are usually air dried to avoid shrinking.

Wet cleaning also requires using commercial tension equipment, which helps reshape the garments and give them the desired body and texture.

Please note, prior to wet cleaning of your garments or home accessories we will require Wet Cleaning Release form filled out and signed. You may fill one out HERE or visit any of our stores and sign it in person.

Wet cleaning is ideal for:

  • Silk
  • Rayon
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere
  • Angora
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Fine blends
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Comforters

Best for removing stains from:

  • Red wine
  • Grass/spinach
  • Tea
  • Blood
  • Ink
  • Coffee
  • Milk

Not recommended for:

  • Knit woolen items
  • Pleated garments
  • Silk/Rayon velvets
  • Viscose

Laundry Basket (Wash & Fold)

Let us do your laundry! Only $2.99/pound.

For most of us doing laundry is a time-consuming chore. Regardless of all advanced features your washing machine boasts, you realize that the stuff in your laundry basket still needs to be…

  • sorted by colors and fabrics,
  • loaded by label instructions,
  • removed from the washer (and preferably on time),
  • carefully dried,
  • folded in neat piles,
  • …and finally returned to the closet.

So, unless you really love it, you should to stop doing your laundry and let OZO2 do it for you. It's a luxury you don't have to deny yourself, because with our Free & Clear Wash & Fold Service the pricing is based on the weight of your clothes.

At OZO2 we'll launder your casual clothes, even underwear and socks, towels, sheets, small rugs and such, using powerful and environmentally-safe detergents. Brighteners and color replenishers will make your casual wear look vibrant again. Have your items deodorized and disinfected with our Ozone laundry system.

Bottom line, for less than $3 a pound we'll pick up your Laundry and return your items to you neatly folded, fresh and ready to go back onto the shelves.

*For delivery of laundry, Pick-up and Delivery account must be set up.

laundry, wash and fold

*Please keep in mind, our Wash & Fold service is a volume service. We have 10lbs minimum policy. If we receive an order that weighs less, minimum charge of $29.90 will be applied. If an item needs special attention, such as pre-treating of a heavily soiled area or basic repair, please send it in for our Eco Cleaning. Wash and Fold service does not include itemizing pieces, ironing or putting clothes on hangers. We are the only cleaners in Palm Beach County (and in the entire state of Florida) to use Ozone laundry system. Try it!

Linens, Rugs, and more

Home textiles need care just as your wardrobe does.

Comforters, quilts, cushion covers, bed covers, blankets, and such are often custom-made and need specialized care. Very often those do not have labels with care instructions and ultimately require professional judgement to choose best cleaning options for the item. Not to worry, our chief cleaner has more than 30 years of experience.

When it comes to premium bedding, we thouroughly launder and hand-press your fabulous bed linens. Typical turnaround time for linens is 7 days.

We also offer Hassle-free rug cleaning service. We can pick-up your area rug, have it cleaned, and deliver back home. Please note, our drivers are not allowed to move furniture, and size/weight limitations may apply.

If you have questions about our household processing, please call: 561.290.0719.

Wedding Dresses

Clean, Restore and Preserve Your Beautiful Wedding Gown

Don't wait until after your wedding has come and gone before deciding who will have the honor of caring for your gown. Choosing a wedding dress cleaning specialist is an important wedding planning decision and you should make preparations for cleaning and preservation before you say, "I do."

When you trust your wedding dress to our dedicated bridal garments care specialists, you can feel confident doing before your honeymoon. We make it easy to part with the most important piece of clothing you've ever worn, knowing that we do everything possible to return it to its original pristine beauty.

Pricing starts at $280 and processing time is typically 4 weeks. Wedding and formal gown designers use glued embellishments, plastic decorative elements, delicate materials and feathers, as well as non-colorfast fabric and ribbons. There will be an additional charge for the removal and replacement of those items.

Bridal gowns are delicate. The beautiful laces, embroidery, beading, fabrics and trims require special care by a skilled professional dry cleaner.

Our wedding suite specialists have the knowledge, expertise and gentle touch essential to cleaning of wedding gowns. Your precious dress will receive the tender loving care it deserves including hand cleaning, hand pressing and true museum-style preservation. We also restore and alter heirloom gowns so they can be worn again.

Leather, Suede & Shoe Care

You can be absolutely confident that OZO2 Eco Cleaners leather and shoe care specialists will conscientiously clean and condition your suede or leather garment, or your special shoes.

From a simple sole replacement to a full color restoration, our artisan cobbler will breathe a new life into your favorite shoes and bring them back to their original glory.

When it comes to leather and suede garments, it's important to understand that in addition to the stresses of normal wear, they are susceptible to hazards, inherent in the fact that they are skins of animals. Consider some characteristics of leather:

Breaks and skins lines (veins, belly wrinkles) are inherent to certain sections of the animal skin; Unevenly matched skins are common; Insect bites and scars on the skin which were covered in manufacturing may show after cleaning...

If you have questions, bring your leather item in for evaluation to any of the OZO2 stores.

Typical time frame for leather garments cleaning / restoration is 10-14 days; for shoe repairs 4-5 days.

Please note, prior to cleaning of your leather garments or home accessories we will require Leather Release form filled out and signed. You may fill one out HERE or visit any of our stores and sign it in person.


From hemming of a skirt to a complete re-tailoring of a jacket, our expert seamstress can do it all. When you come in for a fitting, we’ll ask questions, we’ll let you thoroughly review the look and discuss the desired fit. We’ll never rush you through a fitting!

Our tailoring and alterations specialists have more than 40 years of experience in working with fine garments, men’s and women’s alike, and what’s important they have a great eye for style to help you in your decision making.

Have an event tonight but your new dress is too long? Same Day Alterations Service is available at our full-service professional Alterations and Tailoring Studio. Bring your garment before 10 am and you can pick it up after 4 pm (or we can arrange to have it delivered)*.

OZO2 West Palm Beach Alterations Studio
Tailor available for fittings 10am to 4.30pm.
2316 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach

OZO2 Palm Beach Gardens Alterations Studio
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11 am - 4.30 pm
11217 US 1 Hwy, North Palm Beach


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*Same Day Alterations Service is offered Tuesday through Friday in West Palm Beach. Subject to availability of materials (special zippers, fabrics, buttons) and existing workload. In some cases and based on the seamstress’ availability you may request Same Day Alterations service on Saturday. Private home appointments may be scheduled a week in advance.

Business Shirts

Wake up. Clean up. Dress up. Putting on a clean shirt in the morning may be part of your routine. Part of ours is to painstakingly make sure that the shirt you are about to wear is perfect. No funny creases, missing buttons or grey(ish) collars. How do we do that? We check your shirts for stains, tears, missing and/or broken buttons; unbutton and unroll the sleeves; pre-treat, pre-brush, pre-soak; wash; press; carefully fold and box or hang on a hanger. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE - IT'S EFFORT. We are in the business of business shirt laundering, and we take it seriously.

When you entrust your shirts to OZO2, you can be sure they will be returned to you clean, fresh, with the perfect amount of starch and looking their best.

Each laundered shirt can be delivered back to you on a hanger, folded and wrapped in eco-friendly plastic bag (great for travelling), or folded and placed in a box. You choose!

Would you like for us to deliver your shirts for free? Sure! Sign up HERE

Corporate Accounts

OZO2 Eco Dry Cleaners provides convenient pick-up and delivery service to businesses throughout Palm Beach County.

Many companies, such as financial firms, law offices, restaurants, retail establishments, medical and research institutions, prefer to use OZO2 services to give the best service to their associates – because they expect the very best from them.

How does it work?

OZO2’s dedicated drivers will visit your company twice a week and collect orders from your employees. You determine the best pick-up point within the premises – saving employees valuable minutes of their time and effort. Each employee will receive their personalized Valet Bag. For your convenience our sophisticated tracking system allows us to bill individual employees, or the company payables with the breakdown of each associate’s service usage costs.

Perk (Not Perc!)

Partnering with OZO2 Eco Dry Cleaners puts your company in the forefront of the Global Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives. OZO2's non-toxic, green approach to fabric cleaning (without use of Perc or chlorine) gives your employees health benefits derived from our non-toxic methods, plus sharing in our commitment to eco-friendly operations and sustainability in all our processes helps support the environment. Your employees will appreciate and benefit from:

  • Convenience and time saving advantage of our free pick-up and delivery service;
  • Great pricing and top-notch quality;
  • Avoiding exposure to toxic solvents (such as Perc);
  • Wearing impeccable looking business attire and looking their best.

Operating a Hotel? Restaurant? Theater? Condo? Let us take the care of your associates’ uniforms or costumes, and they will thank you for being conscientious about their health.

For more information about our corporate account services and pricing, please call us at: 561.290.0719 or email us at: