100% Ecology-Minded Dry Cleaning

At OZO2 we have revolutionized the way clothes are cleaned, offering a greener and more conscious approach. Our commitment to the environment starts with our cleaning processes, which utilize cutting-edge technology and eco friendly solvents. Our biodegradable and nontoxic solvent EcoSolv® is specifically formulated to tackle a wide range of stains without compromising the integrity of the fabrics. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and harmful chemicals!

Why EcoSolv?

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic
  • No air, soil, water pollutants
  • Better stain removal
  • No "dry clean" chemical odor
  • Gentle to fabrics
  • No color fading or shrinking
  • No additional cost

Experience the diference of EcoSolv and discover a new standard in dry cleaning excellence.

Green fact: Used solvent is not discarded as waste. It's constantly filtered, distilled and re-used in our state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine.

Read more about EcoSolv...

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Professional Wet Cleaning

Even eco-friendly dry cleaning has a rival when it comes to being green. Did you know that many – if not most – of the "dry clean only" garments can be wet cleaned as well?

Green fact: Professional Wet Cleaning is considered to be the most environmentally-safe and gentle to the finest of fabrics, because it uses water as a natural solvent.

OZO2 employs wet cleaning method whenever possible, but make no mistake - this process is not the same as washing your clothes at home.With professional wet cleaning, computerized operations precisely control water temperature, cycle time, mechanical action, even the injection of a specialized mix of detergents and conditioners into the drum – all to administer a customized cycle suited to a garment's type and fabric.


Ozone Laundry System

We capture the natural power of Ozone to bring freshness to your linens and clothes. How does it work? Ozone injected in the wash cycle activates the water, making laundry detergents tremendously more efficient in removing soil particles from fibers. And it's a natural disinfectant too, killing 99% of common strains of bacteria.

Green fact: Thanks to the disinfecting and energizing power of Ozone, we use up to 85% less hot water.

In fact, with this innovative technology, we use less water in general, less gas needed to heat it, and less detergent, reducing the chance of excess chemicals from the wash finding their way into our environment. Read more…

Ultrasonic Stain Gun

We strive to achieve perfect success in difficult stains removal. Our Ultrasonic Gungenerates high frequency ultrasonic pulse vibrations and helps remove a wide variety of stains. The stainless steel nozzle applies concentrated ultrasonic oscillations rather than mechanical forces in the treatment of small stained areas or surfaces.

Green fact: We can use fewer chemical spot-removing solutions and achieve same or better success in cleaning of your garments.

State-of-the-art Efficient Machinery

Unless you are in the business of dry cleaning, chances are you won't be too interested in numerous technical aspects of our equipment which support our environmentally friendly approach. Still it is worth pointing out a few things here:

  • Our dry clean machine recycles and purifies solvent
  • Our steam boiler works on-demand and wastes no gas
  • Our bagging machine uses precisely the amount of plastic needed to protect your clothes, no more
  • Spotting board's built-in vacuum traps chemical fumes
  • Hi-tech washing machine measures exact amount of water needed for a load
  • All of our of equipment is highly energy-efficient
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What's more…

  • We use Biodegradable poly film to cover and protect your clothes. By choosing it we make sure our planet is not polluted with plastic that doesn't break down for hundreds of years.
  • We use quality-made, sturdy reusable hangers – to reduce the cost and reduce the waste.
  • Our delivery vehicle's gas consumption is almost half compared to that of a delivery van used by other cleaners. Less pollution and less waste.
  • We use recycled paper bags for your order. Do your part, please reuse them or recycle them too.
  • We use 100% unbleached cotton for your Valet bags. By choosing natural materials we promote sustainable approach to manufacturing.

We don't stop here. Our mission is to continuously look for greener, healthier technologies and to pass the benefits to you.

With the world embracing "green," isn't it time you looked at dry cleaning differently?